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Sober (So Long), the First Auroralnaut Single

published on October 14, 2022
Sober (So Long) Album Cover

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It's taken a journey to get here, but Sober (So Long), the first Auroralnaut single, is finally here!

The single is a digital release and you can listen on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube, and many more.

You can alson check out the lyrics to Sober (So Long) here!

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I don't have a big budget, very small actually, and don't have a marketing team; it's just me!

So, if the song moved you in any way, please help get the word out. Also, if the music has inspired you, feel free to contact me and drop me a message. I would love to hear from you!

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The People Who Helped Make Sober (So Long) Possible

It was great fun having other musicians play and interpret the song while adding their personal touch.

Leor Manelis performed drums and percussion on the track, adding a great backbone and feel.

Stefano Intelisano performed piano and organ on the track, filled in the arrangement, and took it to another level.

Both are excellent audio engineers, having recorded and engineered their parts for the song.

Both of these musicians, in my opinion, took Sober (So Long) to a level that I couldn't have by myself.

Multi-Grammy indie-mastering engineer Alan Douches, West West Side Music, mastered the track, put on the finishing touches, and made the song ready for release.

I am incredibly grateful and honored to work with such great musicians and engineers.

It's only the start of a journey, but I've already met some great people!

Sober (So Long ) Song Credits List

  • Music, arrangement, and lyrics: Eric Nelson
  • Vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, and bass: Eric Nelson
  • Drums and percussion performed, engineered, and recorded: Leor Manelis
  • Piano and organ performed, engineered, and recorded: Stefano Intelisano
  • Producer, audio engineer, and mix engineer: Eric Nelson
  • Mastering engineer: Alan Douches, West West Side Music

Song Meaning and Subjectivity

I don't like to say too much about the meaning behind the songs I write because I hope those listening will find meaning for themselves.

I know what the song means to me, but I also realize that the song may mean something different to someone else.

I listen to many songs that hit me at a certain moment, at a particular time, usually when I need them the most.

Music has the beautiful ability to lift us when we're down, fire us up when we're tired, and encourage us when we're hopeless.

Music can also set the mood for love, heal hearts after love fades, and give clarity to emotions that are hard to understand, among many other things.

Finishing this song seemed like a test for me. Unfortunately, this last year has been less than stellar, but I kept moving forward.

I didn't know if I would finish the song or if it would be good. However, I believe the song, with some great performances, turned out well.

Sober (So Long) Disclaimer

I didn't write Sober (So Long) to be anti-sobriety. Instead, I wrote the song about what I see as the current state of madness in which we reside.

I realize that in this insanely polarized world, there may be those offended by the lyrics of this song without thinking about the original intent.

This song was written with no intent to glorify addiction.

Thank You for Listening and Supporting

If you are reading this, thank you for listening and supporting the music I make. It means more to me than you may ever know.

It may get old, but I will continue to thank everyone who supports me, and your support allows me to continue making more music!

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