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Polarization and Who's Shaking The Ant Jar?

published on November 3, 2022
Red Ants on Barbed Wire

Polarization and who's shaking the ant jar, what does it mean, and why does it matter?

I heard a story a while back and felt like retelling it, so don't stop me if it's already crossed your path.

There once were two groups of ants, a group of red ants and a group of black ants.

The two groups of ants lived in a jar, and they existed in peace and harmony for the whole of their life.

Until one day, something shook the jar, and the ant's world was upended and thrown into chaos.

Neither group of ants knew what had happened, and the ants began attacking each other and continued fighting until no ants were left.

After all the carnage, one question was left unanswered; who was shaking the jar?

Poor Ants, What Does The Story Mean?

If you understand what the story was trying to say, awesome, but if you don't, I'll try to explain. This interpretation is my perspective; feel free to find your own.

The world we live in is hyper-polarized, and I see it daily. I hold back words when I'm around others because too many things lead to arguments.

I also see others walking on eggshells for fear of offending someone.

I see images daily of people frothing at the mouth, screaming, yelling, and gnashing their teeth toward one another, and for what? Do we even know why we're fighting?

The Powers That Be

We are told daily by the wonderful and always honest media why we should be outraged, horrified, terrified, and arguing with our fellow humans.

Not to mention our all-powerful and knowing leaders. Their wisdom, expertise, and love keep us at each other's throats. They are not my leaders, and they don't speak for me.

It's all disgusting, they tell us what to fight about and who to fight against, and we fight!

I abhor politics and politicians; they do not speak for me.

It's all tiring, and to be honest, it becomes numbing.

Divided We Are Conquered…

We are highly divided on everything, and quite a few are ready to be violent for their ideology.

In the US, many are calling for a civil war, and the media are the main ones pushing the division. Is this really what we want?

I will not fight my fellow humans and won't go to war for rich, greedy, corrupt as hell, forked-tongued, lying degenerates that continue to make record profits from all the human misery they cause.

But, the war machine is ever marching and will run us through if need be.

If the powers that be are so hell-bent on starting wars, they should be on the front lines. But we know they won't even sniff the front line of a fight.

It will again be the poor, lowly and innocent that will die so the rich can get richer and the powerful can gain more power.

Love Your Neighbor and The Golden Rule

Why are we so angry at each other? Why do we have so much hate and vitriol for our neighbor?

Who's shaking the jar? Are our differences enough to kill each other over? I don't believe so.

We may have many differences, but I don't hate or wish you harm.

Love your neighbor as yourself; do unto others as you'd have done unto you. The golden rule is universal for a reason.

If you can't love your neighbor, at least leave them alone.

If this were a school, learning to leave each other alone is crucial, and we fail miserably. We can't seem to leave each other alone.

Unconditional Love and Being The Change

Love and, more importantly, unconditional love is the only way out of this hell; raising our awareness and consciousness and taking accountability for our actions. Though sadly, it seems there isn't much love left.

Unconditional love is difficult; I'm not going to lie.

I'm not good at loving others unconditionally, but I'm trying every day to be better and be the change I want to see in the world. So what change do you want to see in the world?

We need to act and not look to others to implement the change. We need to play an active part in bettering our world, or others who don't have our best interests at heart will form it for us.

What can I do? Be the best version of yourself that's possible. Love others, and be kind even to those who don't deserve it. Forgive and be forgiven.

We need to heal so we don't vomit our inner trauma all over others. Yes, we do that a lot by projecting onto others. We hurt people sometimes without knowing it, and we have no right to hurt others unprovoked.

Trying to be loving and kind in this world is extremely difficult because they are both seen as weaknesses.

Kindness Equals Weakness?

Love and kindness are far from a weakness, and it takes a strong individual to show them both in the face of hate and adversity.

Though I am not a pacifist, I will protect those I love and care for. If backed into a corner, I will do what I must, and you should too, but until then, we should try to make peace as much as possible.

So as we look around and seethe at our fellow humans for not thinking the same as us, do we wonder who is shaking the jar?

Will our fate be the same as the ants? Will we war with one another until there is none left? What then? The ones shaking the jar know.

The system is not failing or broken; it is doing precisely what it was designed to do.

These are my opinions, so feel free to do with them what you will. But, as always, take what I say with a grain of salt. You don't need to agree, and I'm okay with that. But, of course, we can still co-exist without tearing each other apart.

I will continue to fight for love, peace, and freedom in this place. It is the only thing that is worthy of a fight.

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