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New Auroralnaut Single, If This Is The End, Released

published on March 10, 2023
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The new Auroralnuat single, If This Is The End, has been released and is streaming everywhere on most major digital streaming platforms!

'If This Is The End' is the second single released under my music project Auroralnaut on my newly minted Phonographic Records LLC record label. Honestly, it's only the second single I've ever released!

You can check out the song here on this website. But you can also find the song on most of your favorite music services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Youtube, and many more.

If you subscribe to one of these music services, please follow me there, like the song, and add it to a playlist of similar music. Doing so helps the streaming service algorithms know what the music is about. It also helps get the music in front of more people.

Even if you don't subscribe to these music streaming services, you can still listen for free on Youtube. Also, listening to the song on any of these streaming services generates royalties that help me continue to make more music!

More money is going out to create music than I'm bringing in, so any little bit helps. If you like my music and want to hear more, doing any of these little things can substantially help, and your support is always more than appreciated!

If This Is The End, So What?

I wonder how others will perceive the songs I write. I write music because I love to do it, and doing so helps me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Most songs I write come from a place of introspection, and this one is no different. I prefer not to explain lyrics but let the listener find meaning for themselves.

This song was born from struggle, pain, and perseverance. I'm not always positive, and my lyrics reflect that, but they will almost always lead to something positive.

I'm not going to pretend that hardships and bad things don't happen, but I'm also not going to pretend that we can't push through and overcome.

Difficulties do arise, but what we do in the face of them means more than the difficulties themselves.

I say this begrudgingly, but these "challenges" are far better teachers than any I've known.

Though, difficulties are only a catalyst. What we do with the trigger is totally up to us. We can allow it to make us bitter and hard-hearted, or we can allow ourselves to learn and overcome with grace.

No matter what comes, the answer always seems to be love and forgiveness. So, though I may walk through the dark, I stand and fight for love. I've learned to understand both sides of me, and I chose light.

Special Thanks For Those Who Helped

Once again, Leor Manelis (drums, percussion), Stefano Intelisano (organ), and Alan Douches (mastering engineer) all lent their talents to make this track a reality. They are all extremely talented, and I'm grateful for them helping create this song.

If you are an artist or producer, I highly recommend all three highly accomplished and skilled professionals. Not only are they excellent at what they do, but they are also great people!

'If This Is The End' Song Credit List:

  • Songwriter, Lyricist, and Arranger: Eric Nelson
  • Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Mandolin: Eric Nelson
  • Drums and Percussion performed, engineered, and recorded: Leor Manelis
  • Organ performed, engineered, and recorded: Stefano Intelisano
  • Producer, Audio Engineer, and Mix Engineer: Eric Nelson
  • Mastering Engineer: Alan Douches (West West Side Music)

Thank You For Your Continued Support!

Thank you so much for listening and supporting me and the music I make! I am eternally grateful for everyone who has encouraged me and helped me.

I would keep making music no matter what, but it's definitely better having others that want to listen! So, thank you for that!

If you'd like to help, please share the music with anyone you think would like it. Also, listening to the song on any digital streaming service helps generate revenue through royalties so I can continue to create music.

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Thanks again for your continued support!

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