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August 7, 2023
Auroralnaut - Vanity Lyrics

Vanity Said the dying man with his dying breath I never thought it would end this way See, I had the world..oh, I was the world but now it seems all in vain Vanity, it called me and I followed Vanity, it broke my heart and left me hollow Vanity, it mocks me in my […]

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March 10, 2023
Auroralnaut - If This Is The End Lyrics

If This Is The End This ain’t well, and so many don’t mind We can bury our heads but only so far Who we are…nobody really knows What we are…nobody really knows If this is the end, I really don’t mind It’s not like it’s been a great ride It’s hard to breathe in a […]

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October 14, 2022
Auroralnaut - Sober (So Long) Lyrics

Sober (So Long) This what it's like living life sober? This what it's like living like I should? Well, if sober's how we're hiding out and feign the world's not mad as hell and if so, then sober so long This what it's like to keep my mind sober? This what it's like thinking like […]

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