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Auroralnaut - If This Is The End Lyric Video Out Now!

published on August 25, 2023
Auroralnaut - If This Is The End Lyric Video

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A new Auroralnaut 'If This Is The End' Lyric Video has been uploaded and is ready for your enjoyment!

If you've sung along and wondered what the lyrics are to 'If This Is The End,' you have to wonder no longer. You can also check out the lyrics here!

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I shot the 'If This Is The End' lyric video using my iPhone 8 camera. The sun looked amazing in the sky, so I decided to record it for lyric video purposes.

I'm blessed to have such a beautiful view from my home.

Putting an End to Misheard Lyrics?

I like to sing along to my favorite songs, and many times, more than I would like to admit, I sing misheard lyrics.

It's actually funny how many misheard lyrics I sing.

I don't pay too much attention to the lyrics when first listening to a song. I usually look at the words only after the music gets stuck in my head. And sometimes, it's years before I learn the accurate lyrics.

More often than not, I'm amazed by the lyrics and floored by how many I've been singing wrong.

I'm okay if you sing the wrong or right lyrics to any of my songs. I'm thankful you're singing!

You're Awesome and Thanks for Listening

I am grateful you're here and checking out the lyrics. It shows the song resonated with you and you're interested in digging further.

That makes you awesome in my book!

I appreciate every one of you who has been listening. I'm slowly gaining more listeners, and I'm grateful for all of you!

I make music because I love to, but connecting with others through art makes doing this much more rewarding.

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If you'd like to help out, keep listening, and please share the music with others you think may like it.

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