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Auroralnaut is the music project of singer-songwriter Eric Nelson, a trained audio engineer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist. 

Eric describes Auroralnaut's sound as "Alternative Folk Roots Rock" or what it would sound like if Wilco/Ryan Adams and Radiohead/Nirvana had a love child. 

Eric believes, "At the end of the day, it's just rock music."

Auroralnaut's Eric Nelson Playing Guitar

A native of Newberry, Michigan, a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Eric still resides within fifteen miles of his hometown with his wife, Rachel, and two children. 

Born in January 1977, Eric had an early love of music and creating music. He had always dreamt of playing music, but life had other plans.

As a former Paramedic, Eric had to leave a job he loved due to mental health issues exacerbated by working in EMS. Currently homesteading and learning to be more self-sufficient, Eric is renewing his dream of making music. 

Eric Nelson's Greenhouse and Garden

Eric worked many other occupations as he wandered through life, trying to buy time for music, and is still only able to work on music in his spare time. 

Dreams change, and Eric now dreams of creating music while continuing to become more self-sufficient and living a simpler life.

Understanding there is a saturated market, Eric still believes releasing music isn't a fool's errand. 

"If the music touches one person, it's worth it, but even if it's meaningless to others, it has still meant something to me."

Eric continues to create due to his love of music and will continue as long as he is able. 

Eric Nelson and His Border Collie Luna

What's an Auroralnaut?

Upon realizing he has a somewhat generic name already used by other artists, Eric decided to use a project name.

Finding an available, meaningful, and representative name turned out to be a difficult task.

The definition of auroral is "of or like the dawn" and "pertaining to the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)." 

The suffix naut forms nouns meaning voyager or traveler. The form -naut comes from the Greek naútēs, meaning “sailor.”

Auroralnaut loosely means Northern Light traveler, which Eric felt was both meaningful and representative, not to mention available.

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